Saturday, April 7, 2012

The only thing that is forever, the love passed from one to the other. Not buildings (see the Mayans), not monuments (see Egyptians) Not even language (see Sanskrit).
Love as much as you can. Grow love where you can. I've got a sneaking suspicion - who ever your God is..will not care how much $ you made, what you (think you) created, or the number of people you had on your side..The Question the Creator will ask...Who did you Love? I hope i can answer, "Everyone", and you? It's not easy..some humans will try your last nerve..i know u can do it though...i believe God wants u to..what do u think?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Was watching Rachel Maddow this morning. About water boarding. Very informative. The issue that concerns me is the whole legal vs illegal part… my first thought is..Is it humane. Does one human treat another human that way? B/c cannabis is illegal in all but what is it now, 17 states? So legal, illegal is not the issue, cause I believe we all know laws can sometimes be wrong. It would seem though, that none of the ppl making the water boarding decisions was a Christian or any other religion that teaches peace before war. Maybe the conversation needs to be raised another level?